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Project Description

Wе create a sustainable partnership of professional public and private institutions and organizations amongst the EU countries, through which exchange expertise and best practices in the sphere of prevention against natural disasters and hazards in terms of successful prоtection children and youngsters.


This project is realized with the contribution of the Civil Protection Financial Instrument of the European Union


The National Training Center at BRC – Coordinating Beneficiary

The Bulgarian Red Cross (further: BRC) was officially recognized by the state on the basis of the national legislation as a voluntary aid society, auxiliary to the public authorities, for rendering help to the needy, in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, and as the only one National Red Cross Society which may carry out its activities throughout the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. With regard to the state, the Bulgarian Red Cross maintains an autonomy which allows it to act at all times in conformity with the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the Law of Bulgarian Red Cross. The Bulgarian Red Cross, which was recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross on October 20th 1885, is a part of the International Red Cross Movement. It is a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

We are a humanitarian volunteer organization, working according to its Statutes and the principles of the International Red Cross Movement, committed to providing support to vulnerable people victims of crisis and disasters in order to improve their life and dignity and relieve their suffering.

BRC works towards increasing the population’s preparedness to act in case of disaster and together with the State Civil Defense bodies prepares first aid formations, as well as renders first aid.

In order to achieve its goals BRC works to increase the organization’s capacity and to improve the coordination during disasters and accidents /crises/. BRC was included in the National Disaster Plan of Republic of Bulgaria.

The organization assists the state in the humanitarian activities protecting and strengthening the population’s health in case of disasters and accidents /crises/. BRC is rendering humanitarian aid in case of natural and technological disasters and accidents.

The National Training Center at BRC is an autonomous organization. It is an undividable part of the Bulgarian Red Cross. National Training Center is a specialized institution of the Red Cross for training. It is licensed by National Agency for Vocational Education and Training in N 200512306 of Art. 42, paragraph 2 of the Law on Vocational Education and Training. The National Training Center is certified with the Quality Mark of Reference in First Aid Center in Paris, France /EFAC/.

Under the Red Cross in the eradication of the effects during and after the crisis, disasters, accidents and catastrophes in the NTC can accommodate 1000 people temporarily, to distribute tents, blankets, dryers, shoes, clothes, hygiene materials and others for 5000.
The center’s activities:

-To organize and maintain social services;

- To provide socially-oriented legal and psychological consultations;

- To organize training events and courses in first para-medical aid, mountain rescuing, water life-guarding, first psychological aid, drug addicts’ problems, HIV/AIDS-prevention;

- To organize courses for training, qualifying and re-qualifying staff members, accompanied by issuing the respective certificates, with a view to implementing its activities and achieving its goals;

- To form teams and structures, and give assistance for victims of natural disasters, accidents and calamities/crises;

- To provide assistance for victims of natural disasters, accidents and calamities (crises), in conformity with the tasks of the Bulgarian Red Cross when natural disasters, accidents and calamities (crises) occur;

-To provide assistance, alone or in cooperation with other formations and specialized services, to prevent and limit the consequences of disasters, accidents and other emergencies, within its competences.

- To prepare and render aid, within its possibilities, in response to appeals of other states and National Societies following disasters and conflicts;

-  To conduct the organization of and ensure participation in meetings, seminars, courses, conferences, press conferences, competitions and reviews on the major activities of the Bulgarian Red Cross and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement;


Fire protection company “STOP FIRE” – Associate beneficiary – AB1


“STOP FIRE” company has been the first licensed for the full-scale provision of fire safety and emergency services on the territory of Sofia city District (license n.007/31.05.2007). The company team combines experts for fire safety activities, professional managers and firemen. The team has expertise in fire protection, emergency and fire prevention. The company has special equipment and vehicles for doing defending and preventing activities, as well as safety actions in emergency cases, such as natural disasters and accidents. The scope of services cover the following topics: – actions after natural disasters and accidents; extinguish of light fires in urban territories and wood areas; provision of simulations and public demonstrations; provision of training seminars and courses for fire safety and prevention of risks; fire and safety protection of public mass events.

The company structure includes two main departments: 1) Fire and Emergency Department and 2) Fire and Safety Prevention.



SDIS30 – Fire and Rescue Services at the Department of GARD, South FRANCE


Enshrined by law 96-369 of May 3, 1996 called “Law of Departmentalizing, the Fire and Rescue Services (at the Department of GARD, South FRANCE) includes all entities Fire Department and the Centres Fire and Rescue, in the same public institution.


SDIS 30 is responsible for prevention, protection and fight against fires.


SDIS 30 concurs with other services and professionals involved in the protection and fight against other accidents, disasters and disaster assessment, prevention of natural or technological hazards as well as emergency relief.

As part of his skills, SDIS 30 performs the following tasks:


  1. Prevention and risk assessment for civil security
  2. Preparation of safeguard measures and the organization of rescue means,
  3. Protecting people, property and environment,
  4. Emergency relief to victims of accidents, disasters or disasters and their evacuation.


In addition, the fire-fighters are often called upon:


Our motto is: “Expect the unexpected while knowing that the unexpected exceeds the forecast …”




Municipality of Nestorio is located in the prefecture of Kastoria, West Greece. It consisted of 4 districts. Municipality of Nestorio is characterized by both its small size, and the geographic distance from the center of the prefecture. The vast majority of the population engaged in Agriculture and farming at a rate equivalent to 75%. The Municipality is bordered with Albania. It is inherently a frontier area and covers 40% of the length of the county border with Albania, while six of the seven villages are located in the area of a thousand meters from the Albanian border.

A Municipal Corporation under the name “Municipal Tourism and Cultural Development – Development and Marketing of Forest Production” has been established and functioning with the main aims and objectives of the establishment – operating in Dipotamia hostel, use of Thermal Sources Mesovrachou, social development and welfare etc.
Despite the fact that the Municipality of Nestorio is a small municipality, it has an experienced staff allocating expertise in Computer Science, Environmental, Prevention and Electronic Systems, Accounting, Agriculture, city planning and building. 40% of the municipal employees consist of young people who have previously taken part in European projects realisation.