Prevention Teams
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Project Description

Wе create a sustainable partnership of professional public and private institutions and organizations amongst the EU countries, through which exchange expertise and best practices in the sphere of prevention against natural disasters and hazards in terms of successful prоtection children and youngsters.


This project is realized with the contribution of the Civil Protection Financial Instrument of the European Union

Prevention Teams


The project team selected volunteering youth teams and design experimental children teams in order to validate the methodology written in the curricula. The 3 youth teams up-dates their knowledge at a special short study visit, provided inthe region of GARD, France. They were equipped with a special gear, usefull for full scale prevention and demonstration work at school in order to facilitate the implementation of the different aspects of the prevention methodology. Some results:

  French Youth Prevention Team demonstrates first aid action




French Youth Prevention Team demonstrates first aid action.


Discussion meeting between Youth volunteers and 6 Security Assistants.




 Bulgarian youth volunteering team demonstrates evaquation with the Project equipment.


The youth teams are showing practical skills to the Security Assistants at the topic of fire safety.