Guidelines and DVD movie
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Project Description

Wе create a sustainable partnership of professional public and private institutions and organizations amongst the EU countries, through which exchange expertise and best practices in the sphere of prevention against natural disasters and hazards in terms of successful prоtection children and youngsters.


This project is realized with the contribution of the Civil Protection Financial Instrument of the European Union

Guidelines and DVD movie

 Dear Teacher, Inspector, Trainer,

This Guidelines book aims to facilitate your prevention work with children at secondary schools. The guidelines give you basic information about the natural and man-made disasters and catastrophes, supported by visual and practical tools. It is focused mainly on the correct behaviour of the children during fires, floods or earthquakes.

The guidelines collect the expertise of different proven techniques used by more than 50 representatives of the Red Cross structures, Fire brigades and rescue teams. The structure is based on the created and accepted integrated school prevention curricula (fire prevention, first aid, civil protection from floods, chemical intervention and terrorists attacks), adopted the European Commission prevention policy and national requirements of the involved partner countries.

The designed guideline is supported by DVD movie as a practical toolkit for the implementation of the methodology for integrated system for school prevention. The proposed methodology and following guidelines book is tested by a large number of children, volunteers and professionals in the last several months in the EU countries:Bulgaria,FranceandGreece.

It includes the best existing practices in the prevention policy and it is a practical demonstration of EU value added.

We wish you success in your prevention work!

 Joint Project team


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